Thursday, April 19, 2012

NEW: Eggstra Special Friends QPs 30% off

This second set of pre-made quickpages made using my new Eggstra Special Friends collection is great for lots of photos, use both pages to create a double page layout quickly and easily or just choose one page when you don't have so many photos! Currently 30% off for a limited time!

Eggstra Special Friends QuickPages Set2

Now available at  GottaPixel  and Digitals


  1. Hello,

    I didn't see an email contact for you, so that is why I am posting here. Because I had to work a 24 hour shift, I missed the final day of your Cloud Nine freebie (the piece of the kit that had that OH SO CUTE SHEEP in it). I am wondering if the kit is on sale any where? I can't afford the $28 for a club membership, but I can afford a single kit. Can you please email me at and let me know if the kit is or isn't available. It is one CUTE kit! You are VERY talented!!

  2. I am afraid I am unable to sell that or any other of my products which are in the GP Pixel Club. Buying the subscription is the only way to get this now, however not only will you get my daily download you will also get all the past and future daily downloads, plus there are many other kits in there and more being added each week. It is WELL worth it!!

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. :)