Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are you ready for a party??

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Calendars and $1 Pixels!

It's tuesday again and time for $1 pixels at Gotta Pixel! Today I've been busy adding new products to the store and I have some of them in the $1 pixel catagory just for today, so go check them out before it's too late! Here's what's new:

This one isn't really new, it's all my A Golden Kristmess kits bundled together as one! There is much more in this kit than there is on the preview. And I also added these Brag Book Pages which I had once over as freebies here on the blog.

A Golden Kristmess Brag Book

A Golden Kristmess Quick Pages

And here's another new kit, a great addition to any layout! Take a look at these great little Calendar labels and Brush set!

2010 Mini Calendar Label and Brush Set

I made these with my new CU Perpetual Calendar Brushes which I have also just added to GP! Go check them out:

CU Perpetual Calendar Brush Set

Some of these newly added products are just $1, check out my Gotta Pixel Store to find out which!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rubber Ducky now in all my stores

Finally I have managed to get my full Rubber Ducky Collection up in to all my stores!

Now available at Gotta Pixel, Scrapdish and Digitals

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday at Digitals!

It's Wonderful Wednesday at Digitals and I have my entire store 30%off for the whole day! Now is a great time to save! Check out my Digitals Store!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big SALE at Digi Scrap Warehouse!

I am having a big sale at DigiScrapWarehouse this week! Pop on over there and find my entire store at least 30% off everything!!! From now until 24th October. And what is more is if you spend $10 or more you can use this coupon code: KRM_Xtra20 and get an aditional 20% off! Now you can't beat that so go check out my Digi Scrap Warehouse Store now!!

New Star Bead Alphabet in my stores

I have added my new Star Bead Alphabets to my stores this weekend. Both Personal Use Version and the Commercial Use Verson. If you haven't seen my alphabeads yet then you don't know what you're missing! These are super easy to use, the letters in the beads are clear with a slight glossy texture so when you put your colour or paper behind them they look like they are painted letters and will match any kit you choose!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

$1 Pixel Days at Gotta Pixel

It's tuesday again already and this week I've just put up a little add on to my Rubber Ducky collection. It's a little girly add on as I noticed that my main kit turned out quite boyish with all the blues so I decided to do a little girly add on! I've just uploaded it to my Gotta Pixel store and have marked it down to just $1 (tuesday only) and put it in the $1 Pixel catagory.

Also it's the last day of the Gotta Grab It too, so if you want this great kit at a very good price and haven't picked it up yet then this is your last chance. I have added two more great sets to this the other day too which I forgot to blog about so here they are:

Rubber Ducky Alphabet


Rubber Ducky Mulberry Papers

You can pick up each of the main Rubber Ducky kit, the alpha and mulberry papers plus this new Girly Add On for just $1 each TODAY ONLY!!! Go check out my Gotta Pixel Store!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Gotta Grab It time again!

It's Gotta Grab It time again over at Gotta Pixel and this month I've got a smashing little kit to offer you, well I say little bit really its HUGE!!! It's in two parts, a Paper Pack and a matching Element Pack.

Now you've just Gotta Grab these so check out my store at GottaPixel and pick these two up for only $1 each until Tuesday!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last day of Digitals Blog Gifts!!

And we have it, the 8th and final day of these super blog gifts!! Before I give you the download to the last part, I'd just like to remind you that my entire Digitals Store is on sale until the end of today so hurry along if you havn't already and get 30% off !!! Also my CU Grab bag will no long be on sale after today so if you want that and havn't picked it up yet then now is your last chance! Each of the items will be going up in all my stores individually at regular prices so grab this bargain while you can!

Here's the last part of the Grab Bag Reveal

CU Age Overlays - the ones I made the blog freebies with!! Now you can make your own unique papers and cardstock by using your own imagination and these overlays.

And now on to the last part of the freebie! Plus the other days that got messed up with the blog problems for those who missed them.

Oops sorry, the links have expired now. Why not subscribe to my blog so you dont' miss any more freebies!! If you really want these papers, never fear, I shall be uploading them to my strores quite soon!! Thank you for all your nice comments about them!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blog problems fixed for now!

Kristina brought some image problems with her blog.  I have racked my brain trying to figure out what was  going wrong.

Anyways, it looks like there is a glitch between the new post editor (which has really nice features by the way) and the post separator that I used to use my blog designs.  So, I had to remove the post separator until I can figure out how to solve the glitch.  Sorry for the mess it caused!!!

Oh shuggs!

I've set download 7 to public now - sorry about that. I'm having a bad day / week!!!! I've also smallened the preview of the beach doodles so it doesn't cover the link too much. One thing I've noticed, if you want to join my mailing list (just subscribe in the top right corner) that will work fo you. I am subscribed to my own blog (yeah I know crazy!!) and the e-mails are coming through fine, I think it's just the way the blog looks that's all haywire. So if you want to do that and I will re-post all the links from 4 - 8 tomorrow instead of just 8 and then you should get them. I don't really know what else to do, sorry.

Digitals Blog Gifts Day 7

We are almost to the end of this time's freebie!! Here's day 7 for you. I hope you are enjoying these cardstock! Thank you to everyone who has been leaving me nice comments, I really do appreciate it!!

Here's the second part of my CU Grab Bag reveal

CU Beach Doodles

You'll get these and the Alphabeads I showed you yesterday plus one other product, pop back tomorrow to find out what that is. If you like what you've seen so far go check out my CU Grab Bag over at Digitals!

And here's your freebie for today

Oops sorry! This link has expired now, why not subscribe to my blog so you don't miss any more freebies!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still problems

Hi everyone, okay I've reduced the size of the pics to small, I know it's still not right but I didn't want to take the pics out altogether as some people will be coming here to see my grab bag reveal and I can't really reveal that with out the pics!!  At least the links are showing now though.  Sorry again about all these problems

Urgh blog problems AGAIN!!!

Oh shoot!  Why am I always the one to have all the blog problems!!!  Okay everyone, I see that the blog is a total mess.  I don't really know what to do about it though.  Anyone know what's going on and how I can fix it??  I really want to be able to post my previews, however if I still can't do anything soon I guess I'll just delete them all.  So please check back and see if I've made any progress at all!!  In the mean time I'll see what I can do.  Thanks for your patience. 

It's time for $1 days at GP

It's Tuesday again and this week do I have a treat in store for you!!!! I've made a new kit - finally, it's about time right?!!! Okay so I went a bit overboard with this one and got totally carried away and made LOADS!!! I have the main kit:

and I have made a matching Alphabet, Torn Papers, Word Art and QuickPages, all of which I have added to the $1 Pixel catagory at Gotta Pixel!!! So for today only you can pick all 4 of these matching sets up for only $1 each!!!! And that's not all, I also have 30% off the Page Kit too!!!

Check out my Gotta Pixel Store for these great deals!

Digitals Blog Gift Day 6 + CU Grab Bag reveal!

So do you want to know what's in my CU Grab Bag over at Digitals? Well then I'll show you, well the first part of it anyway!! You'l have to come back tomorrow and the next day to find out the rest!! Here's the first product for now:

CU Star Bead Alphabet

If you like this, then hop on over to Digitals and grab my CU Grab Bag! You'll get this and 2 more great products for only $7, but hurry the bag will gone soon!!

And now what you've all been waiting for, day 6 of the freebie!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

I removed the preview

Hi eveyrone, okay so my blog lady wasn't able find anything wrong to fix either so I just removed the preview.  Hopefully that was just a one off freeky thing that happened with that post and I hope it doesn't happen again!! 

Sorry for all those problems!

Urgh blog problems!!

Hi everyone!  Thanks for your lovely comments!  I have now set the Day 5 like to public - really sorry I forgot to do that last night!!   

Unfortunatly I can not seem to do much about the picture, when I go into edit to change it is fine.  I will ask my wonderful blog lady to see if she can fix it, if not I'll just delete it.  The links are still there though, it's just annoying!!  But if you click on the links it will still take you to the downloads. 

Sorry about these troubles, hopefully we'll get that preview sorted soon.  Thanks. 

Digitals Blog Gift Day 5

Are you all enjoying all the celebrations going on at Digitals? Remember I have a commercial use Grab Bag available over there for only $7. You get 3 brand new, never before released products for only $7!! What a bargain! But it won't be there for long, so grab it quick!! Also my entire Digitals store is on sale 30% off for just a few more days, the sale ends at midnight 8th October!

And now on to the next part of the freebie, are you collecting all the parts? If you are you'll have more than half of this great kit:

Preview removed becuase of problems

If you've missed a piece or two don't worry about it, I'll have the whole set in all my stores once the freebie event is over. For now, here's part 5

Oops sorry! This link has expired now, why not subscribe to my blog so you don't miss any more freebies!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Digitals Blog Gift Day 4

Thank you to everyone who left me a little 'thank you' in the comments!! It is so very much appreciated!! Here is your day 4 part of the freebie:

Oops sorry! This link has expired now, why not subscribe to my blog so you don't miss any more freebies!

I hope you are all enjoying these card stock. Remember they match my Birthday Blitz kit which is available in all my stores!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Digitals Blog Gifts Day 3

It's time for Day 3 and this time there's no messing about just straight to the download!  Here it is:

Sorry this download has expired.  Why not subscribe to my blog so you don't miss any more freebies!
This kit will also be on sale in my stores very soon.  

Thursday, October 1, 2009

$1 Days at Scrapdish!

It's Friday and that means it's $1 Day at Scrapdish!! This week I've gone totally crazy and I have put my whole Diggin' Dirt collection at just $1 a piece, even the full kit!!! The FULL kit for only $1!!! Just for the one day though so grab it before it's gone!!!

Day 2 of Blog Gifts

Day 2 of my 8 day blog gifts is ready for you now, remember to keep checking back daily to get all the pieces.

Well what do you know, I must be more tired than I realise! I said yesterday that my Birthday Blitz Page Kit was only available at Gotta Pixel and Scrapdish at the moment and I would get it up at Digitals as soon as I could, well I just realised today that I already have it up at Digitals!!! So it is available at Gotta Pixel, Scrapdish and Digitals after all!!!

Okay now on to the freebie, after all, that's all you came here for isn't it? Not to read all my jibbering!! Well here it is:

Oops!  This link has now expired!  You might want to subscribe to my blog so you don't miss any more freebies!!  This super pack of cardstock will also be available in my stores very soon.