Thursday, June 7, 2012

NEW: 2 Ys U R Extras 25% off!

These super clustered borders were made using my 2 Ys U R Collection. These borders are a great addition to the main kit or use them with your favorite background papers for quick and easy layouts.

2 Ys U R Clustered Borders

2 Ys U R Stacked Papers (layers)

These wonderful stacked papers made using my 2 Ys U R collection.

These stacked papers are ideal to use as a base for a quick layout, with or with out extra elements from the kit.

I made these pages slightly differently and have saved both the background layer and the foreground layer separately (as well as the flattened jpgs), so if you want to put your photos between the two layers you can!!!
I hope you find these more helpful than the standard flattened jpgs.

Now available at  GottaPixel  and Digitals

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