Sunday, October 20, 2013

A small freebie!

Hello everyone!  Okay so it has recently come to my attention that people have many different ways of spelling such words as Hallowe'en / Halloween and Jack o' Lantern / Jack-o-lanternm with an apostrophe or without,  and I only put one version of each on my wordstrips in my newest kit, Let's Face It.  So I'm trying to fix that by adding a few more variations so that everyone has the one that they use, in it.  As the kit went out for sale before I added the extra word strips in (they are in the kit now if you buy it from now on)  I decided I'd put the wordstrips up here as a little freebie for you all!!  First of all here's the collection in question:

Let's Face It Collection, currently just $1.50 per pack for this month's CAKE at Digitals

Find these and all my other products right HERE in my Digitals store. 
And now for your freebie wordstrips:
Download HERE

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