Saturday, April 26, 2014

Master Scrapper Sign ups ...

It's time to sign up for the Master Scrapper Contest, NSD '14 at Gotta Pixel!!
This is a spectacular challenge that pushes you to find creative ways to use only what you have in front of you and pull from the inspiration that already lives within your beautiful brain! Each week, you will be given a Mystery Box that contains a variety of different digital scrapbooking ingredients. Your task will be to take your photos and the Mystery Box ingredients and create a layout that shows exactly how awesome you are!!

Master Scrapper is for everyone, no matter what your experience level you are at! Complete the challenge and you automatically move onto the next Mystery Box round until eventually you will earn the title of Master Scrapper.

Signups began April 20, but there's still plenty time to sign up!  Sign ups end April 29.  For more information and to sign up please see the Gotta Pixel Forums.

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