Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kristmess Card Give Away Cards 7 to 12

Sorry if you missed this...but it is now closed... keep looking for more freebies' and extras on Kristmess Designs Blog and Facebook!  Thanks!

Keeping in the true spirit of Christmas we are allowing everyone a second chance to get any of the Kristmess Cards they might have missed on Kristmess Designs Facebook Page.
We have and are offering the last 6 cards in the set for the next 2 days.
After that they are gone! :)
All have been made with Kristmess Designs Christmas and Winter Kits by some of her CT.  Enjoy!

Card #7 - made with  Kristmess Cookies:  
Card #8 - Made with Gingerbread Kisses: 
Card #9 - Made with Winter Blues: 
Card #10 - made with Gingerbread Kisses: 
Card #11 - made with 1st Kristmess:  
Card #12 - made with Kristmess Cookies:  

(Card #12 has been replaced with the proper card - "Joy"!) 
Thanks Pearl and Marcia for helping me correct that!

We hope you've enjoyed this Kristmess treat!
Continue to check Kristmess Design's Facebook Page for all updates and more freebies! 
(There is a little Facebook link in the right side banner, under Follow Me, that you can always click on!)


  1. Thank you so much for these beautiful cards! Merry Christmas.

  2. Thanks so much! Are cards #7 & #12
    the same?

    1. Thanks Marcia (and Pearl) for helping me correct that! # 12 card has now been replaced with the "JOY" card. It's beautiful, and I certainly don't want you to miss it!
      Nancy aka physioscrapper for Kristina

  3. Love the cards and I will make good use of them for sure. Is there any chance I could get the first 6 cards as well?