Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finally Back online and my Grab Bag Reveal!!

Hi everyone! It has been a few days since I updated you all on my goings on, this is becuase I've had internet problems and was not able to connect for ages and then once I got the connection back I couldn't upload anything! Well hopefully that's all fixed now and I can do this blog post finally!!

So I was going to have my Grab Bag up for only a week and I was wanting to do a reveal on this blog a few days ago so you could all see what was inside but with not having the connection I couldn't so I've decided to leave it up a couple more days so you all have the chance to see what you'll be getting and get it if you want for this great low price of $4 oh wait, I nearly forgot about my coupon!!! Use coupon code: KRM_BLG_Spec and you'll recieve an extra $1 off this already incredible price!!!

Okay so on with the reveal of The Voyager Grab Bag,

this is what you'll get:

The Voyager - France

The Voyager - Egypt

The Voyager - Mexico

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